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I generally do not order milk shake whenever i go out ! it is thick and filling also i am bit calorie conscious, Since its mango season most of the place it is mango manio ! Mango milkshake is bit heavy and tasty ! I wanted to try plain mango juice which should be tasty and light !

Finally i googled and found adding soda and water you can get the light juice with tasty and little tangy ! Must try recipe hope u will try and like it !


Mango Pulp - 1 cup
Sugar - as required
Lime juice - 1 tbsp
Water - 500 to 1 litre (adjust according to the consistency)
Soda - 1 cup (further adjust according to the taste)
Ice cubes - for serving


Take the pulp from the mango and put it in the blender along with lime juice,sugar and required water ! blend it well ! adjust the water and sugar according to the consistency ! remove the jar and pour it in the vessel , give a whisk !

Now add the soda and whisk well ! serve with ice cubes !


add the soda at the time of serving along with ice cubes !


  1. sounds n looks so refreshing & delicious...loved its color!

  2. Very yum n refreshing one dear... my fav. fruits...

  3. never had mango lime soda. Looks refreshing!


  4. Wonderful combo, refreshing drink

  5. thats a cool idea, should be a perfect thirst quencher for this summer. I sometimes skip my meal and order milkshakes ;)

  6. Delicious! Lovveeee mangoes. I only wish this mouthwatering fruit was available all year long! I have tried so many packaged mango drinks but the only one which is as good as a fresh mango juice is KDD harvest’s Mango juice. My day does not begin without drinking this juice. Yummyyy :D


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