Saravana Bhavan Kuruma | White koorma |Restaurant Style Kuruma

I like saravana bhavan kuruma very much esp the white one :) it is rich and creamy and tasty and spicy what not?Every time when i visit saravana bhavan i order idiyappam (one of my fav) esp for the white color kuruma.

Last time i tried the kuruma it came out well but its not equal to the one that saravana bhavan gives ! after that i tried many time but i am missing some thing though its rich its not thick :) finally i found the recipe on my own and it closes to that infact its better than I would say  :P

Do not be scared by seeing the list its all available near our shop itself ! must try recipe ! U know once u tasted u keep preparing the same !


Ghee - 1 tbsp
Oil - 2 tbsp

Bay leaf - 1 no
Cinnamon - 1 stick
elachi - 2 (small ) or else 1 big 
star - 3 piece
black stone flower - 2 piece
Marati moggu - 1 small piece (english name not known)

(all this spices are available in one packet - so u can get that instead of buying it separate)
onion - 1 no finely chopped
Mixed vegetables - 2cup ( green peas , potato, carrot, beans ~ veggies i used)
Salt - as required

Paste 1

Garlic - 7 nos (without skin)
Ginger - 1 piece (i inch)
green chilly - 2 no
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp


Coconut - 1/2 cup (shredded or grated)
Fried gram - 3 tbsp
Green chilly - 3 nos
cashew - 7 nos
Fennel seeds - 1 tbsp
poppy seeds - 1 tbsp
Onion - 1 piece (divide the onion in to 4 and take one piece )

Pre- preparation :

Boil the veggies by adding the required amt of salt
Grind the paste 1 and paste 2


Heat the kadai and add the ghee and oil once heat , add the bay leaf by crushing it , then add all the masala items - use ur mortal before u add the masala items in the kadai - just a crush makes the aroma!

saute for a minute then add the onion , saute till it changes it colors , then add the paste 1 saute till the raw smell goes. then add the boiled veggies and mix well and adjust salt . saute for 3 minutes.

Now add the paste 2 and required amt of water and mix well allow it to boil for some 10 minutes in the low medium flame ! garnish with coriander ! serve hot !

well go with idiyappam and chapathi and white rice and dosai !

Do check my saravana Bhavan Sambhar too
  • While adding the fried gram make sure u are adding the right measurment this one thicken the gravy much so be care on that part 
  • Also u can soak the cashew, poppy seeds and fennel seeds for 20 minutes before u grind ! this makes the paste more smoother. 
  • Do add all the masala items the flavour says it all 
  • Do crush it so that it cook well otherwise u feel the raw smell . 
  • Do not add tomato and beet root as it spoils the kuruma color 
  • adjust the green chilly according to your family taste. 
  • Do not add any other spicy powder as it spoils the kuruma color. 
  • Do not saute the onion much as it tend to change the entire color of the kuruma ! 


  1. I love this white kurma but my kids do not like it.They always want tomato based gravy.

  2. Love this all time but its been ages since i prepared this.... Will try this asap :)

  3. You have no idea how much I love this, I love to have this with chapathi a lot :) Will have to try this way.

  4. i like white colored gravies a lot usually with rotis or naan. i have tried before and the curry was good. shall have to make it soon again.

  5. nice recipe........

  6. tried curry.. it came awesome.. 99% like saravanabhavan's.. thank you

  7. Tried the curry .. awesome taste.. 100% like hotel one.. loved it .. Thank you for posting

  8. i tried ur is really great.if u like saravana bhavan kurma then u have to saute some pudina leaves in the gives the perfect sb kurma.thanks for the recipe.

  9. wow, wonderful kuruma, would love to try sometime:)

  10. wow.. really tasty... I tried it the same way as u wrote.. thanks for the receipe.. do u share non veg recipes ??? i really want to know how to prepare a yummy mutton biriyani .. can u help ?

  11. my favorite in saravana bhavan with parottas :) love to follow u ..will be happy to see u back in my blog ..



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