06 July 2014

Easy Vegetable Briyani (Rice cooker method) | One pot Rice

I make veg Briyani 10 days once that to with different vegetables with different masala. I make my very own combo every time i get 100 % result, some times i do the briyani with onion alone, some times with single vegetables like potato, tomato and peas. Taking briyani that too customized one is such a bliss.. U read it right?

I have a great problem of taking veg briyani outside, as i feel it has a very strong flavor, which i cannot bear. i tried briyani only in Kailash Parbhat, its good damm good. After that i never tried any briyani , i am quiet good in making at home. Even i  have impressed my husband many times, and so as friends . The following recipe is easy one pot meal, where u can make it for lunchbox too. its very easy  hardly takes 30 minutes less. So ready to try this . Go on

01 July 2014

Ridge gourd Chutney (side dish for Idly/Dosai)

When i recently shared my ridge gourd thogayal version , i said that,the thogayal version  wont suit for tiffin varieties. So to suit for breakfast, i am here to share the different version ,which s absolutely creamy, yet tasty and damm healthy. I completely enjoyed this creamy texture chutney, and its good to include a veggie in a chutney variations. Stay tuned for more recipes. !

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27 June 2014

Pepper Sevai | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Looking for a easy breakfast and easy to make one,then i am sure sevai takes the priority. otherwise you can do the idiyappam in bulk and store it for the next day breakfast variety. I always makes varieties, when it comes function or parties, to impress my husband. So i find more easy peasy ideas so that i can be relaxed and could give more variety recipes. 

Pepper sevai is one such option , where us its more apt for elderly people. I do not think kids would love this, But elder people will definitely say big Yes to those simple and flavor able one. When i tried simple tadka sevai i decided i should give a try to pepper too, as rajesh is very fond of pepper, i accompany the sevai with Coconut chutney, definitely a great breakfast we had. 

The Same can be adopted for the soaked poha too (flatted rice ) just sprinkle some hot water and soak it for 1/2 hour and try the same method. so got your evening snack idea too right? off to recipe.  

24 June 2014

Brinjal Drumstick Masala |Rice Accompaniments

Brinjal is our all time favorite, as i said earlier i do make different varieties right from rice to curry, simple stir fry is very close to heart, (yes i yet to update) , because it will well suit for curd rice. last month i got a drumstick and brinjal from my husband's mother native, which is absolutely pest free and organic . When i first saw i though i can prepare sambhar with both.

Since i got a huge amt of drumstick, i though i can make some comba masala. which can be directly mix it with rice, as well as accompaniments, this is also one of my favorite version of brinjal along with drumstick . My husband were licking his finger for every bite. so i am happy to share the recipe here. try and taste, i am sure you also love it.

Preparation time : 20 minutes
cooking time : less than 30 minutes
servings - 4 people

Ingredients :

Drumstick - cut in to medium length (2 cups - depends on size )
Brinjal - 5 medium size
oil - 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
onion - 2 medium
ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
salt - as required
sambhar powder - 1 tbsp

To grind 
coconut - 1/4 cup shredded
green chilly - 1 finely chopped
fennel - 2 tsp

Cut the drumstick in to the desired length , and boil it separately by adding enough water and salt. make sure it absorbs most of the water, (pour enough water otherwise it will be completely mushy)

Heat the kadai and pour the oil, once heat , add the mustard seeds once cracked add the chopped onion saute till it changes its colors, then add the ginger garlic paste and saute till raw smell goes. , then add the chopped brinjal and saute for 5 minutes

add the required amt of salt, and sambhar powder, and saute till brinjal gets cooked, once cooked add the boiled drumstick and mix well, mean while ready with paste given under " To Grind" . mix the paste along with veggies, and saute till everything blend. if needed pour 1 tbsp of oil and mix

temper it with coriander leaves, serve it with steamed rice, along with sambhar or Rasam or even curd.


  • While grinding for the paste just sprinkle water. 
  • It will be semi thokku accompaniments. 
  • make sure you are boiling the drumstick at right stage, add enough water. do not pour over water. 
  • If sambhar powder not available , add the 1/2 tbsp of coriander powder  and 1/2 tbsp of red chilly powder 

21 June 2014

Green Gram Dal (with coconut Milk ) | Dal Recipes

well i seriously having hectic days, i missed meeting few friends too and so i missed posting, the grad ma recipe and kids snack box too.I blame myself,for not posting.Next week on wards i will try to be prompt.(i am trying)
Coming to today recipe, its green gram dal , Though i love to take kadaisal of green gram, making dal out of green gram is in my to do list for long, this time , i wanted it light and rice , so i opted thin coconut milk,this is my very own recipe,and i must say its hit in my family, because i added very few ingredients, yet it is tasty, delicious, and super easy to prepare. The Green gram dal is loaded with garlic and green chilly, its good to have it with steamed rice. Also for Dosai/poori / roti.

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19 June 2014

Chole Masala (with coconut)| Side dish for Roti

My routine has changed a bit, yes i am waking up time is usually 8 now its sharp 7 for the past two days, i am not sure whether i am strict to the time or not , but love to , because its good to start the day as early as . okee leave my story ,today recipe is chole masala,i have already shared my chole masala (without coconut ) ,which was apt for Roti and variety rice esp masala flavored one.

The one below is typical south indian version with south indian masala's & coconut. I did not expect that it turned seriously well , we had it with Roti and dosai. I am sure this will well go with Poori too. remember my Chic pea salad with yogurt. i reserved the cup of chick pea from this one. :D off to recipe

17 June 2014

Kaima Idly Recipe (saravana Bhavan Style) | Breakfast/Dinner Recipes

i am just back from two days trip .I went to kumbakonam and srirangam ,while coming back i have seen a mango sale,near by there is a big acre of lands,where they grow and sell and mainly they used the natural fertilizer,so i got few variety and believe that i could blog few mango post too.

Coming to today recipe,  i have tasted the recipe in few other resaturant,but saravan bhavan has some unique flavor when to compare to others,so i wanted to post here in my space. Most of the restaurant they add the idly directly, but SB some what fry the idly and mix it with onion tomato masala, and it is one of the lip smacking breakfast / dinner recipe.

If u have left idlies,just keep it freeze and then try after 5 to 6 hours,you will find a nice taste. So without much off to recipe. 

13 June 2014

CUCUMBER STIR FRY | Rice Accompaniments

Yes i am back another grand ma recipe (also i have few of her recipes in my folder) , As i told earlier she is my father's mother, a great cook, though she does only known traditional recipe, her recipes are well balanced food. you feel happy after having the Lunch.Because it will have less oil and more healthy Menu.

Coming to this cucumber, definitely it has a versatile taste, my suggestion when u pick the cucumber make sure it is baby /tender one, so that i gets cooked easily as well as healthy & tasty. it has no spicy taste, very apt for baby's and elder people. since we are using the baby cucumber it will easily get digested. I accompanied the cucumber stir fry with my Ridge gourd thogayal &  Jeera milagu Rasam.Very hearty meal i would say. Very filling too. So plan your lunch and enjoy .

12 June 2014

One Ingredient Ice cream |Banana Ice Cream

One ingredient if u can make a good dessert , how do u feel? Yes i am happy when i tried and tasted, I will not say the following recipe will have a ice cream taste, But it has a ice cream texture, and more over healthy alternative way of eating banana,even for children you can try this method. It is a must try recipe,also if u have more ripe banana's its one easy way of using banana.

You can also do n no of variations, by adding the peanut butter, nutella,  chocolates etc, which gives the extra sweet taste to the recipe,  i tried with fist full of choc chips, and it tasted really good and i could feel the crunchy bite in every spoon . i am bit concerned about the heading saying ice cream,but still it has a texture i named it as ice cream, so what try on your hands.

11 June 2014

Onion Rava Dosai |Breakfast Recipes

Before i go to the recipe,i always have love and hate relation ship with rava dosai, infact i do not like this rava dosai my amma call this as karaicha maavu dosai (i.e mixing all the ingredients ) .Yes right from my child hood i tasted this a lot than normal idly /dosai, My amma staple recipe 5 times a week she makes this dosai and serve it with Idly podi ,i do not like this combo, atleast chutney would accompany well,but amma makes only rava dosai and idly podi where my entire family lick their fingers.

I am bored of repeated dosai menu, so i take one dosai and half cup of curd rice which is my dinner menu. So after marriage i have a relief, i make this dosai every 3 months once, that too when rajesh really needed some thing very different. So i am oke with this. Where as i make sambar, chutney and so idly podi. i also enjoy this dosai with chutney and sambhar as it is only three months once. 
This version is my own version of making rava dosai which has onion and wheat flour, where as amma makes with no onion ,without wheat flour + she adds coconut flakes along with cashew and little ghee sprinkle on the dosai , i will update the version later. Try this version and see the tips i am sure you enjoy when u are out of idly/dosai batter.