19 April 2014

Lime Mint Cooler | Summer Drinks

Well to day recipe is quite time taking one , but worth trying for the different flavor, yes u can smell mint, ginger and so as lime taste. make a bunch of concentrate juice and have a glass whenever u need by adding the required amt of water and icecubes, lemon wedges (optional).. Definitely a great refreshing juice. Do try at home
The Green Plate u are looking is given by Kalpana ...thanks it was really photogenic and apt to my juice. 

17 April 2014

Kara pori (Beach Style) | spicy Puffed Rice (Beach Style)

Today i met Kalpana  from life with spices, it was long time plan to meet each other, though we meet in the bloggers meet. It happened today, and we had a great meal in hotel saravana bhavan. We chaat,  chaat,  and gossiped... bearer gave the bill before we ask :D he could have thought that we wont leave the place soon :D. Though i knew her when we are working out together at Pink gym, never knew that we are food bloggers :D long time wish succeed . The high light of the meet is she gave me so many props :D so stay tuned , i will show all the props soon . 

Coming today recipe, Most of the people would have enjoyed the spicy puffed rice in beach (kara pori) It was long time wish list to make at home :D I am big lover of spicy taste, anything spicy i am in. So this kara pori is exactly what i want, you can make in jiffy subject to that if every thing chopped and ready(ingredients) 

Though i have not tasted the same kara pori in chennai beach ,  i happened to taste the same in mumbai suburban train, he added some poori (chaat poori) and it was awesome while travelling . So i was keen on prepare the same , some have one other ingredients are missing, so i was waiting for the raw mango season, once it came i tried it came out super easy 
Kids at home, some elder people need something to much but different , u can surely try this with less red chilly powder, without that also u can try , just replace the red chilly with pepper ,i am sure you surprise them. 

15 April 2014

Apple Halwa Recipe | Sweet Recipe

As i said in my Facebook page, i am back with Sweet post , and its apple halwa ,  Before that, wishing my readers a very happy tamil new year. How did u all celebrate? i celebrated with full feast - (tamil nadu meals esp for tamil new year) . Enjoyed Much, So to start off with the celebration i thought of posting a sweet post, i should have posted it before tamil new year some have i could not . 

So Coming to the recipe, Its a apple halwa, Though i am not a big fan of halwa, i want to try this halwa for long, because i am a person who loves to take fruit as it is , so never attempted in cooking. i was so curious about the result, it came out nicely infact i got the right shape, But coming to the taste part i feel its like JAM, except cardamon taste, to u can say 100% its has jam taste. My hubby liked a lot, and its easy to prepare less than 25 minutes. so off to recipe. 

10 April 2014

Grape Juice (Without Sugar) | Summer Drinks

I always find difficult in capturing a juice,as i use only point and shoot i do not have much control,every time i feel bad about the outcome especially when i shoot juices, But to day i am happy that i feel the shoot is better  that other juices i shot so far. I feel its because of the color,  I have no idea of how to describe the color, but i can say it was pleasant enough . Believe me i have not added any other color substitute or preservatives and the juice is without sugar :D 

This time when i went to my usual fruit vendor,  he happily say's he reserved few grapes for myself. And he specifically says not to add sugar if i am going to prepare the juice:D when i asked he said basically this kind of black seed grapes are sweeter, so just squeeze some lime juice and taste,it is awesome.i still remember his expression so cute:D  So when i came home i tried and every time the expression comes!!! About the juice, it is just awesome and very refreshing , no guilt feeling ( as it does not have sugar),  i loved the out come color of the grapes, definitely an eye catching one :D so without much story off to recipe.

09 April 2014

VEG Sandwich (mumbai style )

Summer is peak at chennai , we yet to complete the april month and yet to start of with may month , no idea how people are going to survive ! it is damm hot. so our menu are changed light food and some fresh juices are the main menu, apart from that ,  butter milk, nannari ,salads, barley water are most intakes if we feel hungry. If any one has a plan to visit chennai,  i would suggest do come and do not ever think of outing . better come after may .

Coming to today recipes, its sandwich made with vegetables and bit of cheese and some chat masala powder,  & toasted in the tawa. I love to taste sadwich, and i tried this sandwich during my mumbai trip last time , i stayed there three days ,  all days i tasted different variety of sandwich and ofcourse it was a double decker sandwich, thats is u find three layers of bread slices, it was filling the tummy and so as light :D 

I have used tawa to toast the sandwich if u have toaster u can also use that. What is sandwich? filling between the two breads are sandwich :D mainly its portable, just wrap it and keep it , and whenever u need you can have it :D this how people in mumbai use to take their kathi rolls and sandwiches in the train. And me and husband love to taste the toasted version of sandwich not the plain one. So i tried this version it came out damm good .  Whats up ? off to recipe. 

06 April 2014

Cucumber Cooler | Cucumber Juice

When i was fifth , my father got retried for my sister marriage. Yes i am late and last kid in my family. So i was the one who spent much time with my father. So when summer comes, My father get everything from the market to cool down ourselves. Right from nannari roots, making a batch of curd (to make butter milk) , more fruits, more vadam's, more pickle. He will get everything  for my mother need.

My mother has to prepare everything, me as a helper do few jobs like chopping, grating, mixing. Till my college end, we do not have fridge. So Mother will get a mud pot, and make sure every time i drink a cold water. also she mixes the water with juices /buttermilk. One of our favorite is buttermilk that too plain, yes just a hing and salt enough to enjoy the sip, next to that we like to take the vellari pazham i.e cucumber fruit. Have u heard it  ? if so you knew what i am talking about, if not its is nothing cucumber in a fruit stage, and you need to remove the seeds and mash it with sugar and gulp. Which gives complete cool for your body during summer, Next to this we loved to take this Cucumber juice .

Here in chennai i do not get the variety of cucumber that i have tasted in my town, the one i tasted was very small and really tasty, here i get the long pale green color which i do not like but i have no other option so opting that when i need. The only problem is some times it has bitter taste, so caution should be taken before you grind or mixie. Do try this cooler, i am sure you feel so refreshing. Off to recipe

04 April 2014

Diwani Handi | Gravy Recipe

Recreating the menu is completely gives a satisfaction and double happiness. I tried many menu from restaurant and blogged about it  , every time i enjoy my menu and so as blogging about it . So This time i wanted to try diwani handi , which i tasted in kailash parbhat. My constant order is this gravy, they never failed me to impress it. Its an apt dish well go with briyani, roti, phulka and so as bhatura :D

Making diwani handi is in my to do list for long, first time when i tasted it was yummy, though i wanted to try i could not identify it, next time i slowly started identifying the ingredients, initial i thought it was mint based curry, later i realized it was spinach based , so every time my job is to identify the ingredients. The only difference in my curry is where in restaurant they chopped the veggies in to medium size, where as i chopped in to small size, otherwise i can say it is 90% close to restaurant style curry. 

The is curry is best one when u have guest, yes it is quiet rich with cashew paste and cream, everything cooked separately and mixed with the spinach puree , one of the richest gravy so far i tried and tasted. So i am sure you feel happy once u try and Serve, this wont go wrong. So whats up ? u will try right? 

My other restaurant style recipes

03 April 2014

Sweet Lassi Recipe | Summer Drinks

As usual i took a break, much needed one. yes i traveled to kumbakonam and thajavur for the temple visit,  went well., except summer i am happy about the place. and i walked around 6 km :D yeah u heard it right?  every year i use to do this. One of my favorite temple in thanjavur , had a great darshan. so coming back with the summer recipe. 

I should say that i do not like sweet lassi in my initial days of marriage, where as this guy enjoy the tall glass of lassi and use to tell, U missed the taste. whenever we go to kailash parbhat hotel, he never finish his dinner without ordering the lassi. by seeing the thick lassi itself,which fills my tummy, and they serve it in a tall glass. Definitely i cannot take it. But one month back i happened to taste this in other restaurant where they served little liquid , which i admired the most instead of the thick one. So i came back i tried , to my surprise i loved the lassi and realized how i missed this drink :P So off to recipe. 

28 March 2014

Honey Dew melon Juice | தேன் பனி முலாம்பழம் ஜூஸ்

Until i write this blog post, i never knew cantaloupe  and honey dew are different melon variety but belong to same family :D, Yes cantaloupe in tamil is Kirni pazham, i thought i prepared the kirini juice, later when i was googled about the origin i came to know that i used the honey dew melon fruit. 

Couple of days back i got the honey dew melon, till i cut i thought the melon is dark orange must be photogenic, The moment i cut i should have captured my face reaction , he he , My first reaction was i wasted the entire fruit befor it ripe but when i was trying to remove the seeds, i realized its ripe well, then i tasted it  , it was same like kirini pazham, so i thought melon has a variety like our king of fruit mango, So one thing what i realized was , every day is learning when it comes to cooking . Agree? , I tried this juice with nannari (store bought one) , and some sugar , it was damm good to have. Definitely a different version from our usual drink, so off to recipe. 

27 March 2014

Chilli garlic noodles | Noodles recipe

Actual Recipe is adopted from the  Spaghetti Aglio E Olio recipe. we rarely take pasta at home. So i do not want to get the spaghetti packet and use half and keep the rest for long time in my pantry, instead i thought why do not i try with the noodles packet. :D Thats a twist from the original one right? 

My longest wish was trying aglio E olio but i knew i waste the rest of the pasta, so added the same with noodles , it came out awesome, me as a garlic lover, enjoyed this. This is totally different from the usual noodles, i tried the same recipe for more than 3 times,  it was very nice. So get ready and try it 
The stick i have shown here is for the picture sake, i never used it for eating, also i never knew how to use it .