20 August 2014

Millet Pongal | Healthy Breakfast

The preparation of millet pongal is same as my very own rice pongal  with few variations, i did not add the ghee and crushed peppers, this time. instead i replaced  the ghee with oil and used the pepper powder, its damm good to have hot. Yes heard it right? you should taste this pongal as hot as possible, you can have without hot too but it taste better when u have it hot .

Every month in my grocery list, i add two millets, one is barnyard (kuthirivali) and other one is either varagu or samai variety . I do try many healthy varieties with the millets, my constant one is Idly,dosai and upma. Pongal is new addition to our list, My husband who s fond of pongal , is happy with the rice replacement as millet.

I do post my upma variety soon, actual before trying all those variety i used to cook the millet and take it with the sambhar and curd.(in the night especially) later my dietician advised me to take it as upma with loads of vegetables, which has more nutritional value than taking it with gravy and curd.

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16 August 2014

Sweet Aval (using coconut & sugar) | Sweet Poha Recipe | Gokulastami Recipe

One of the easiest and must recipe in our gokulastami is Sweet Aval Recipe where as we generally use White poha , but i wanted it to be more nutritional so opted for Red poha. nevertheless it did not disappoint me with the taste . Inspite of we prepare so many sweets and savoury's , The sweet poha is always takes the priority in the family, and krishna kutty favorite one too.

While doing the pooja amma keep the soaked poha and sugar and milk separately, finally my father mix everything and offer to god, and dispute it to family members, we simply licking the palm  every time. Some times amma makes it with sugar and coconut too, So those who does not have time, or wanted it to be simple one can easily try this recipe, very very easy. You can even ask your kids to prepare this, make sure the poha is moist and cooked ,


Preparation time : 20 minutes
mixing time : 5 minutes
servings - 2 people 

Poha - 1 cup (i used Red for the nutrition value you can use any white thin / thick aval)
Warm water - 3 to 4 tbsp
sugar - 2 tbsp
coconut - 3 tbsp grated
Elachi - 2 nos


Take the large vessel and pour the poha (Aval ) sprinkle some water and mix well , make sure you sprinkle do not pour , you should feel the moist texture, then keep aside and mean while  prepare the grated coconut.

After 10 minutes, again sprinkle some water and mix well check the moist texture , then leave aside for 5 more minutes, so that i absorbs some water and you can see the cooked poha (since we used warm water) , add the grated coconut, sugar and elachi mix well .All set to offer to GOD.

Note : 
  • Do not add more water, as it wll be become very liquid and poha wll get cooked very easily. 
  • I used the medium slim poha, so it depends on the thin or thick the time and water level vary, so plan it accordingly. 
  • For the nutritional value i added red poha you can use any type of white poha 
  • In the same method, you can try with jaggery and cashew . 

13 August 2014

Maida Murukku |Mullu Murukku | Festival Recipes

Since gokulashtami is nearing , i thought i post some traditional recipes,So to start of with savoury recipe,i prepared the Mullu murukku . Though i have already shared the authentic preparation of mullu murukku using Rice flour and moong dal , This recipe is slightly varied from the one, Yes i used the All purpose flour instead of rice flour. The recipe is adopted from the TV show, where they were showing the melting murukku, Yes this maida version is melting murukku, very apt for elderly people.

Once the Flour ready you can make the murukku  in no time. Yeah coming to the taste part, i should say the murukku just melt in mouth , Now i realized why store bought murukku melting in mouth, its all because of the APF they add i believe, this time i much satisfied with the shape and color, infact i am proud too ! So off to recipe,

11 August 2014

Gokulashtami Recipes| Krishna Jayanthi Recipes|Janmashtami recipes

I have a few collections for Krishna jayanthi /gokulashtami/Janmashtami .Kindly click the image to get the complete recipes with step by step instruction , The timings are different for each recipe, so plan the recipes accordingly, I will update this page then and there whenever i am updating the new recipes.

Happy Krishna Jayanthi to All 

            Sweet Seedai                              Uppu Seedai                              Murukku

             Rava Laddu                              Aval Urundai                         Aval Payasam

        Home Made  Butter                        Rice Flour                               Milk Kheer

        Maida Murukku


Today Recipe, is Krishna jayanthi special, we are not a big fan of  payasam recipes, thats the main reason this blog has very less payasam recipe. But This milk kheer (pal payasam )recipe  i have prepared purposely to blog it , infact my hubby does not even taste, i packed the entire thing to my mother, since the result is good i am here to post.

Coming 17th is krishna jayanthi, ever time i am so happy to celebrate this function. Right from getting new idol to preparing snacks i am very happy to do. This milk kheer is very rich and tasty , and very easy to prepare with less ingredients. Even if u are a office going person u can prepare this simple kheer after you come and can offer to GOD. Off to recipe.

Preparation time : 10 minutes
cooking time : less than 0 minutes
Servings - 4 people (medium size cup )

Milk - 3/ 4 litre
Rice - 2 tbsp
Sugar - 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup (+ if needed it can be added ccording to the family sweet)
ghee - 2 tbsp
Cashews /dried grapes - 2 tbsp (optional)
saffron - a pinch

Heat the kadai and add the1 tbsp of ghee once melt add the rice and saute for 2 minutes, off the flame  allow it to cool completely. Then grind the rice in to coarse, and keep aside.

Now take any heavy bottomed vessel or pressure cooker,if u are using pressure cooker, make sure the bottom is placed with some plate after greasing in ghee to avoid the burn. I used my general kadai ,grease the kadai with 1/2 tbsp of ghee. Then pour the milk ( i used the normal heritage milk packet with 1/4 cup of water) you can even use full cream fat milk if you wish to be rich kheer. Allow it to boil for 5 - 10 minutes, then add the coarsely grind rice, and keep the flame in medium ,stir then and there.

after 10 minutes, the Rice in the milk would have boiled well,now add the sugar and mix well for another 10 minutes, once the kheer consistency become thick off the flame, if you want you can add the fried cashew and dried grapes, i used only a pinch of saffron.it can be served as cool or hot choice is yours.


  1. Instead of sugar you can add the condensed milk too, caution needed as the CM is over sweet.
  2. Use a pinch of saffron otherwise the whole milk will have change in color.
  3. Make sure you are using the heavy bottomed vessel for boiling milk, otherwise there will be a burnt in the bottom.
  4. Also if u are using cooker, leave for one whistle after rice added.
  5. I used basmathi rice, double deer brand. you can use any Rice,But basmathi rice has rice texture.
  6. You can even substitute the sugar with condensed milk too, but be careful as the condensed milk s too sweet.  

06 August 2014

Dal Tadka (Restaurant Style recipe) | Dal Recipes

I took a small break from blogging. Family and health takes the priority , though i check the mails and other blog post, i missed my very own space. i am back today and hope you can see good and fancy recipes in this space here after .Also i am going to concentrate more on healthy recipes, so what ever i eat and feel healthy i will  be updating it here.

Coming to today's recipe , most of my readers knows that i am a dal lover,yes even i accompany the dal with my curd rice. So weekly 4 times  i make dal recipes, Though majority dal recipes are south indian style, weekly once i make sure , i take North indian type dals too. I have already updated my dal tadka recipe, which is no onion, no garlic and less spicy version, if you are looking for that version do try that. Dal fry is also other alternative, which has more spices also it is a punjabi type recipe. Today is restaurant type dal tadka,which has onion ,garlic , green chilly, red chilly and tempered the dal with ghee. To my surprise Jeera takes the dal to the next level when i tempered and mix. This is a must try recipe and damm good easy recipe too .

Before That Difference Between Dal Tadka And Dal Fry

Dal Tadka - The dal is cooked with onion and tomato along with green chilly and garlic, and finally temper it with the jeera and ghee which infuse the taste in the dal. Its is served immediately the moment it tempers.

Dal Fry :  The Dal is cooked separately and finally temper it with onion tomato and other spices herbs. The fried mixture is mixed with Dal and cook till it gets thicken.

06 July 2014

Easy Vegetable Briyani (Rice cooker method) | One pot Rice

I make veg Briyani 10 days once that to with different vegetables with different masala. I make my very own combo every time i get 100 % result, some times i do the briyani with onion alone, some times with single vegetables like potato, tomato and peas. Taking briyani that too customized one is such a bliss.. U read it right?

I have a great problem of taking veg briyani outside, as i feel it has a very strong flavor, which i cannot bear. i tried briyani only in Kailash Parbhat, its good damm good. After that i never tried any briyani , i am quiet good in making at home. Even i  have impressed my husband many times, and so as friends . The following recipe is easy one pot meal, where u can make it for lunchbox too. its very easy  hardly takes 30 minutes less. So ready to try this . Go on

01 July 2014

Ridge gourd Chutney (side dish for Idly/Dosai)

When i recently shared my ridge gourd thogayal version , i said that,the thogayal version  wont suit for tiffin varieties. So to suit for breakfast, i am here to share the different version ,which s absolutely creamy, yet tasty and damm healthy. I completely enjoyed this creamy texture chutney, and its good to include a veggie in a chutney variations. Stay tuned for more recipes. !

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27 June 2014

Pepper Sevai | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Looking for a easy breakfast and easy to make one,then i am sure sevai takes the priority. otherwise you can do the idiyappam in bulk and store it for the next day breakfast variety. I always makes varieties, when it comes function or parties, to impress my husband. So i find more easy peasy ideas so that i can be relaxed and could give more variety recipes. 

Pepper sevai is one such option , where us its more apt for elderly people. I do not think kids would love this, But elder people will definitely say big Yes to those simple and flavor able one. When i tried simple tadka sevai i decided i should give a try to pepper too, as rajesh is very fond of pepper, i accompany the sevai with Coconut chutney, definitely a great breakfast we had. 

The Same can be adopted for the soaked poha too (flatted rice ) just sprinkle some hot water and soak it for 1/2 hour and try the same method. so got your evening snack idea too right? off to recipe.  

24 June 2014

Brinjal Drumstick Masala |Rice Accompaniments

Brinjal is our all time favorite, as i said earlier i do make different varieties right from rice to curry, simple stir fry is very close to heart, (yes i yet to update) , because it will well suit for curd rice. last month i got a drumstick and brinjal from my husband's mother native, which is absolutely pest free and organic . When i first saw i though i can prepare sambhar with both.

Since i got a huge amt of drumstick, i though i can make some comba masala. which can be directly mix it with rice, as well as accompaniments, this is also one of my favorite version of brinjal along with drumstick . My husband were licking his finger for every bite. so i am happy to share the recipe here. try and taste, i am sure you also love it.

Preparation time : 20 minutes
cooking time : less than 30 minutes
servings - 4 people

Ingredients :

Drumstick - cut in to medium length (2 cups - depends on size )
Brinjal - 5 medium size
oil - 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
onion - 2 medium
ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
salt - as required
sambhar powder - 1 tbsp

To grind 
coconut - 1/4 cup shredded
green chilly - 1 finely chopped
fennel - 2 tsp

Cut the drumstick in to the desired length , and boil it separately by adding enough water and salt. make sure it absorbs most of the water, (pour enough water otherwise it will be completely mushy)

Heat the kadai and pour the oil, once heat , add the mustard seeds once cracked add the chopped onion saute till it changes its colors, then add the ginger garlic paste and saute till raw smell goes. , then add the chopped brinjal and saute for 5 minutes

add the required amt of salt, and sambhar powder, and saute till brinjal gets cooked, once cooked add the boiled drumstick and mix well, mean while ready with paste given under " To Grind" . mix the paste along with veggies, and saute till everything blend. if needed pour 1 tbsp of oil and mix

temper it with coriander leaves, serve it with steamed rice, along with sambhar or Rasam or even curd.


  • While grinding for the paste just sprinkle water. 
  • It will be semi thokku accompaniments. 
  • make sure you are boiling the drumstick at right stage, add enough water. do not pour over water. 
  • If sambhar powder not available , add the 1/2 tbsp of coriander powder  and 1/2 tbsp of red chilly powder